The Italian Story of Inside the Heart of Wolf Advocacy Film Project Underway…

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Films, LLC has several film projects in the works. We are developing the Italian Story. Brunella Pernigotti is working on the story about the rare … Read More

Inside the Heart of Wolf Advocacy: The Italian Story…

Wolves have been persecuted and killed all over the world, but for different reasons. In Italy, for instance, the main cause of poaching and killing wolves is the conflict between … Read More

An interview with the filmmakers of the Italian documentary ‘Stories of Men and Wolves’ 

Stories of Men and Wolves A documentary film  Directed by Alessandro Abba Legnazzi and Andrea Deaglio  “Wolves are back. Someone has heard about, someone swears to have seen them moving … Read More

Italian Documentary Film: Storie di uomini e lupi – Stories of men and wolves – reviewed by Brunella Pernigotti 

Information about the documentary  Storie di uomini e lupi – Stories of men and wolves    “They are back. Some people swear they have seen them moving about in the … Read More

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