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Take action to stop damaging policy riders that undermine protections for imperiled wolves.

Wolves in four states, MI, WI, MN & WY, could be delisted if a poison-pill-rider gets included in the following legislation: 

U.S. Senator Tom Udall (D-N.M.), Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on the Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies, said:

“I’m deeply disappointed that the Interior Subcommittee was not able to follow the lead of our fellow Senate Appropriations Subcommittees and produce a bill that is free of poison pill riders and other partisan attacks on the environment. It’s especially frustrating because there are many good things about this bill, including strong funding levels for water infrastructure, national parks and tribal health and education programs, as well as priorities for my home state of New Mexico. But the bill includes damaging policy riders that undermine protections for imperiled species, weaken water quality protections and roll back other key environmental laws that have been on the books for decades. It also reduces funding for wildland firefighting and includes partisan cuts to programs that protect clean air and clean water. Until we are able to address these issues in a more balanced, bipartisan way, I will have to oppose this bill.”  

The following is one of the poison-pill-riders:        

Gray Wolves. Includes new language that overrides court rulings requiring that specific populations of gray wolves must maintain protections under the Endangered Species Act. This provision circumvents the scientific and legal process established to protect imperiled species.  Source: FY17 Interior & Environment Subcommittee Markup Bill Summary

Take Action for Wolves to stop damaging policy riders that undermine protections for imperiled species

Tips on Calling Your Member of Congress:

When you dial 202-224-3121 you are directed to an operator at the Capitol switchboard. This switchboard can direct you to both senators as well as representatives.
Once the operator answers, ask to be connected to whomever you are trying to reach. They will send you to your senator’s or representative’s office line, and a legislative assistant will answer the phone.
It is important to let them know why you are calling and what issue you are calling about. You will sometimes be able to speak directly to your senator or representative, but more often you will speak to a staff person in the member’s office. This person keeps track of how many people called and their positions on issues, and provides a summary to the member. Be assured that your call does count, even if you are not able to speak directly to your senator or representative.

Ask them to “please do not approve any wolf delisting riders in the following states: MN, WI, MI, & WY.”

It is usually most effective to call your own senators and representatives, as each is primarily concerned with residents from his or her district. However, you may occasionally find it useful to call other members, if they are on a certain committee or in a particular position to help get a bill passed.
Although you may find it easiest to always call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 to reach your senators or representative, you can also find the direct number to any member’s office by consulting the senate phone list or house phone list 

Write to your representatives

Click the following easy to use democracy io to write to your house and senate representative HERE

Take Action for Wolves to stop damaging policy riders that undermine protections for imperiled species