Producer/Director Julia Huffman’s Latest Collaboration Short Film “ONAQUI: Save the Wild Horses” Premiere

We go LIVE today at 1pm!!
Please join us. #wildhorses #saveonaqui

This video and labor of love for the wild was a collective effort made by artists and friends.

Make your voice heard for the wild horses and burros TODAY:


Secretary Deb Haaland 202-208-3100 ext 3

The President and Vice President at:

Talking points: Ask them to stop this round up at once and implement scientific, proven methods of humane, on the range management for the Onaqui wild horses. These are iconic and beloved horses in Utah and the time to stop favoring special interest on our public lands is yesterday. An effective birth control program is already in place and the government owes it to the horses and the American public to keep these horses on the range where they belong.”

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