A Yellowstone Glimpse – Day 3 – The Waiting is the Hardest Part (but so worth it!)

Today’s drive into the park was certainly less harrowing than yesterday’s white knuckler – no cars off the road or stuck sideways on drifted over S-curve inclines.

I drove to where we had seen wolves the last 2 days – hmmmm – no wolf crew or regular wolf watchers. I hadn’t passed anyone with spotting scopes or telemetry on the way in, so I figured any action must be further on down the road.
After driving for a while, I finally saw cars parked and spotting scopes being set up at one of the pullouts. There was still some room to park, although with all the snow, the pullouts are getting quite a bit smaller. I quickly pulled in and was told that one of the Lamar Canyon pack was in view. The Lamars! My favorites!
The alpha male (Small Dot) was bedded in the snow between a couple of trees. The 2 females (926F and Little T) were not in sight and unsure if they were in the near vicinity. I knew that I would be waiting all day, if necessary, to see if either of the Lamar Canyon females would make an appearance.
After watching the alpha male sleep for about 4 hours, we finally hit the jackpot. Both females came into view from below and to the left of the alpha male. All 3 look good. They stayed in sight for around 30 minutes, climbing a ridge, rolling a bit in the snow, and greeting each other. They then dropped down the back side of the ridge. We were hoping they would reappear a bit further east, but the Lamars had their own agenda, and making a second appearance for us was not on it.
While watching the Lamars, we were also entertained by a coyote and 2 moose.
On my drive back to Gardiner I got stuck in a 15-minute 25 buffalo traffic jam. They rule the road in Yellowstone. I am not about to test my SUV rental against them – I am sure they would come out the winner. I also spotted a lone moose bedded in some willows not far from the road. I was able to get off a couple of quick photos.
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  1. It would be an honour viewing and photographing the Lamars who have remained loyal to one another. Remarkable photos from such delightful encounters.

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