Bill Would Block Wisconsin Law Enforcement From Prosecuting Illegal Wolf Killings

Rachel Tilseth of the group Wolves of Douglas County is skeptical the bill will pass. She believes the legislation is more about getting attention for the anti-wolf cause in Wisconsin.

“This is a far-reaching bill, this is a ploy to get their way, this is a way to drum up more publicity for their cause and they’re not telling the truth,” Tilseth said. “They’re not giving real facts.”

Tilseth said claims that wolves are decimating deer populations in northern Wisconsin and killing off mass amounts of livestock are exaggerated. Despite a recent report of a record wolf population in the state, she pointed out that payments made to farmers for animals attacked by wolves were down in 2016.

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Rachel Tilseth

Rachel Tilseth iIn 2011 I went from tracking the wolf to advocating for them and found myself within an advocacy network that went against my values. I am tenacious by nature, and passionate about the grey wolves I got to know through tracking them. But I found myself within a system of wolf-advocacy that wasnt for me. I am am artist and writer first and foremost. Tilseth has been a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Volunteer Winter Wolf Tracker since the year 2000. Tilseth received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education in 1992 from UW-Stout, graduating with cum laude honors.

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  1. This has to be stopped, these wolves are necessary for a balanced ecosystem. They are the watchers of the woods. We need to give them a voice and stand by them .Let us know what we can do

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