Rachel Tilseth of the group Wolves of Douglas County is skeptical the bill will pass. She believes the legislation is more about getting attention for the anti-wolf cause in Wisconsin.

“This is a far-reaching bill, this is a ploy to get their way, this is a way to drum up more publicity for their cause and they’re not telling the truth,” Tilseth said. “They’re not giving real facts.”

Tilseth said claims that wolves are decimating deer populations in northern Wisconsin and killing off mass amounts of livestock are exaggerated. Despite a recent report of a record wolf population in the state, she pointed out that payments made to farmers for animals attacked by wolves were down in 2016.

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Films

Northern Wisconsin GOP Legislators Hopeful To Pressure Congress To Remove Gray Wolf From Endangered Species ListSunday, November 12, 2017, 6:20pm By Rich KremerWisconsin Public Radio

A group of Republican lawmakers from northern Wisconsin are pushing a bill that would block game wardens and police from investigating illegal wolf killings in the state. The legislation would prohibit law enforcement from enforcing any federal or state law that “relates to the management of the wolf population in this state or that prohibits the killing of wolf in this state.” It’s being backed by GOP state Reps. Adam Jarchow of Balsam Lake, Mary Felzkowski of Irma and Romaine Quinn of Rice Lake, and Republican state Sen. Tom Tiffany of Hazelhurst.

In an email calling for co-sponsors for the measure, the authors said it’s an attempt to put pressure on Congress to pass pending federal legislation that would remove the gray wolf from…

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One thought on “Bill Would Block Wisconsin Law Enforcement From Prosecuting Illegal Wolf Killings

  1. This has to be stopped, these wolves are necessary for a balanced ecosystem. They are the watchers of the woods. We need to give them a voice and stand by them .Let us know what we can do


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