The Wisconsin Gray wolf needs your help “call to action”

Dear Wisconsin wolf activist: Let’s face it the opposition is getting more attention. Recently, Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., held a campaign meeting in Spooner on short notice, inviting only folks that were for wolf delisting, and failing to inform the rest of his constituents about the meeting. His aides ran the Aug. 16 meeting, which was held to drum up support for S. 1514-Help the Wildlife Act, which Johnson is co-sponsoring. This bill calls for delisting the wolf, and has a rider attached to prevent any judicial review of the decision. 

We need to get legislative support in Wisconsin. Unless you’ve got a politician or two in your back pocket we don’t have much of a chance in changing any policy on gray wolves. This is what I propose, that we begin working to bring wolf awareness to Wisconsin’s legislators. I’ve gotten a few advocates together, that are on board with this push. It doesn’t have be a not for profit organization, doesn’t have to be a paid lobbyist firm, or solicit for donations.  As citizen wolf activists we can make a difference if we collaborate. 

We will be working on mailing lists, wolf education, and awareness materials to take to legislators. The citizen wolf activist lobbying effort with come from all areas of the state, advocates living in wolf range, and non wolf range. And from all political bases, democratic, republican, independent, etc…

We will let you know when & where we will be meeting.

Rachel Tilseth 

Citizen wolf activist! 

Email at: 

Featured image Ian McAllister

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