The following is a WODCW statement: 

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin (WODCW) is its own distinct and autonomous citizen action advocacy wolf and wildlife organization, primarily through social media., working with WDNR, legislators and citizens in Wisconsin. 

WODCW Was formed in 2012 for the purpose of removing the dogs from the wolf hunt and working for the support of wolf recovery legislatively in Wisconsin. WODCW is not a working non profit organization and relies solely upon the efforts through citizen volunteers. 

WODCW was founded by Rachel Tilseth, and has been working in one way or another with Wisconsin’s wolf recovery since 1999 with proven creditable experience. WODCW continues to work towards education, awareness and advocacy about wolves, black bears and other large carnivores in Wisconsin 

WODCW is not working with and has no opinion on the work of Rod Coronado’s Wolf Patrol

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