image of a snarling wolf used in the NRA American Hunter Magazine
 Here we have a hunter face to face with snarling wolves that he fends off with his Walther PK .380 a hand gun. The NRA American Hunter  article by by Jon Draper – Wednesday, September 30, 2015, has all the makings of fictional story spun to sell guns. Or is it a cover up of an illegal hunt? gun used by hunter
 Oh my what a big gun you have, said the NRA as the hunter defends himself against a wolf attack. yet, there are no witnesses, no body and this sounds more like a cover up of an illegal hunt.  After all, WI’s wolves are on the Endangered Species List. 

First, we have the hunter From Friendship Wisconsin aproached by snarling wolves and Nellessen immediately pulled his sidearm, a Walther PK .380, and chambered a round.
“As the next wolf leapt toward Nellessen, the man jumped back and was able to fire a single round into the animal. Nellessen was unsure of the lethality of the hit, but two wolves immediately retreated for the bush at the sound of the gunshot and the third limped away “like a gut-shot deer,” said Nellessen.”

When the hunter brings in the authorites to investigate they find no dead wolf. They find a blood trail that ends but no body. Where is the body?
“The following day, with biologists from the Wisconsin DNR and U.S.D.A. Wildlife Services in tow, Nellessen returned to the scene of the attack, hoping to find a dead wolf. At press time no wolf had been found, but Nellessen said the group did find lots of wolf sign, and a blood trail that ended after roughly 150 yards. “

In the end, the hunter decides he must buy a bigger gun. 

“Matthew Nellessen, who says he is now “In the market for a bigger gun,” renewed his NRA membership four days ago.”

I will be following up on this incident with the WDNR and reporting all the details in this on going investigation. 

To read full article  from The NRA American Hunter click here.

Updates for October 8, 2015 

To read full article click HERE from DNR investigating wolf incident with Friendship man By Paul A. Smith of the Journal Sentinel Oct. 7, 2015

Update on this story: from the DNR

• The DNR and USFWS are investigating a report of an interaction with a wolf in Adams Co. The individual was not attacked and therefore not harmed.

• Since this is an active law enforcement investigation we will have no further comment. 

David M. MacFarland

Large Carnivore Specialist

Bureau of Wildlife Management

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Phone: (715) 365-8917

I want to be very clear here that my commentary on the NRA American Hunter article had nothing to do with our men and woman serving in the armed forces. I have respect for them. The NRA American Hunter Magazine article is about promoting guns and fear of wolves which is what I am debating here. ~Rachel

*We reached out to Mathew Nellessen, who has declined an interview with us.