Wolves and Writing

Photo from ODFW Photo from ODFW

Once again, I look back at the wolf related events of the past year and am in wonder at the controversy these four-legged beasts create. Is there any other creature, other than humans, that continually make the front page, year after year? Wolves are enigmatic animals, but it’s most certainly the people, not the wolves, that create the drama.

The following is a partial list of wolf news, month by month from around the world. There is a mixture of good news with the inevitable bad news. I’ve included hot links so you can read the source article. Feel free to help me out by adding your own news in the comment section. I’m sure I missed a lot as it has been a busy year.

Thanks to Wally Sykes and Rob Klavins for your wolf updates, to Rachel Tilseth with Wolves of Douglas County, and…

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