“Look Into My Eyes” Debut Music Video by Jytte Fredholm Ferreira, Artist with A Passion for Wildlife

Together with two American Musicians Rich Harper and Jake Hill, Jytte Fredholm Ferreira composed and produced her first song “Look Into My Eyes” Music has got the capability to touch … Read More

A Wildlife Photographer Raises Concerns on Balancing Tourism & Conservation in a Canadian National Park

Ep. 09: Balancing Tourism with Conservation in Banff National More information at Exposed with John E Marriott More about John Get exposed to the world of one of Canada’s premier … Read More

“Tall Tales, Long Lenses: My Adventures in Photography” by John E Marriott is now available to order..

Written by John E. Marriott & Photographed by John E. Marriott and Foreword by Kelly Hrudey John E Marriott is one of Canada’s renowned wildlife photographers In January 1997, John … Read More

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