Targeting Wildlife Predators with Poison to Improve Hunting Opportunities is not only Unethical, it is Illegal

The investigation into the poisonings began in December 2018 after animals were found with no clear cause of death, said Lt. Bryan Harrenstein, warden supervisor in the northern area for … Read More

Will the gray wolf, an endangered species, just fresh off the list get its due process?

In the latest round of gray wolf delisting news, a conservative advocacy group, Hunter Nation Inc, filed a lawsuit on February 2, 2021, against the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources … Read More

The bear and the wolf are the two of the most powerful spirits in the forest

An essay by guest blogger Barry Babcock I decided to re-share Barry’s essay because Wisconsin’s wild gray wolf is about to face hound hunter’s dogs in a proposed wolf hunt … Read More

Wolf Hounding Fact Sheet: Wisconsin, quite literally, throws dogs to wolves

The Wisconsin legislature sanctioned “Wolf Hounding ” with 2011 Wisconsin Act 169 that allows the use of dogs to track and trail wolves. 2011 Wisconsin Act 169 The following is … Read More

Although the caribou feeds the wolf, it is the wolf that keeps the caribou strong.

The people realized that the caribou and the wolf were one… The Wolf and the Caribou-myth and legend has more truth to it today than ever before! In this time … Read More

Wolf Management: Can Wisconsin get it right this time around?

First, do no harm as a commitment to prioritising non-invasive approaches in conservation research and practice,… One of the guiding principles of Compassionate Conservation That’s the million dollar question many … Read More

Wisconsin’s tribes spoke up for their brother “Ma’iingan” the wolf and Wisconsin’s Natural Resources Board (NRB) voted no to early wolf hunt.

Thankfully Wisconsin’s tribes spoke up for thier brother “Ma’iingan” the wolf and the Natural Resources Board voted no to an early February wolf hunt. The following is from NPR article … Read More

My comment to the NRB in regards to establishing a wolf in Wisconsin 2021

Submit your written comment before tomorrow morning to Laurie Ross, NRB Board or 608-267-7420DNR Office of The public can watch the Special Meeting via Zoom here. If the meeting is … Read More

Wisconsin’s Green Fire letter to the legislative committee chairs regarding reinstating a Wolf Harvesting Season in 2021

I’m a member of Wisconsin’s Green Fire and support WGF’s policy: WDNR should begin work now to update our Wolf Conservation Plan. In doing so we will re-engage stakeholders including … Read More

According to The Revelator here’s what the Biden Administration could do to restore Grey Wolf protections…

By The Revelator December 2020 (the following is an excerpt from the Revelator) How to Restore Federal Protections The Biden administration could begin ensuring protection of wolves through three initial … Read More

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