WOLF SONG – Nordic Lullaby – Vargsangen performed by Jonna Jinton

This is Jonna Jinton’s version of the lullaby from “Ronda Rovardotter/Ronna the robbers daughter” written by our most loved Swedish writer, Astrid Lindgren, whose books have been read for children all over the world.

This song from the movie has aways been dear to me, especially as I was a child. But still now as an adult, I feel so much for this song. —Jonna Jinton

About Jonna Jinton

Jonna Jinton

My name is Jonna Jinton, and I’m a Swedish artist, YouTuber, singer and photographer. I live in the middle of the woods in the north of Sweden, surrounded by forests and lakes.
I decided to start a Patreon account when I felt that I needed to find more time to be able to create all the things I wish to create, and to build a community for my wonderful followers. Learn more: https://www.patreon.com/jonnajinton

Jonna Jinton

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