A Yellowstone Glimpse Day 1: Dueling Howling

Fifty weeks since my last trip to Yellowstone – way too long! The drive into the Park from Gardiner had low clouds and on and off snow showers – not ideal wolf and wildlife viewing conditions but temperatures were in the 20s and the wind was pretty calm, and I was back in Yellowstone!

I drove quite a way into the Park before I spotted anyone looking for wolves. When I got out of my vehicle I was greeted by hearing wolves howling and another pack returning their call – music to my ears! I was told it was the Eight Mile pack subgroup and the Junction Butte Pack. No one had visuals yet, but everyone got out their scopes and started looking.
Someone spotted two blacks and one gray wolf. I, as usual, waited for someone to help me get my spotting scope aimed to the right place. They were 3 of the Eight Mile subgroup – two collared blacks and an uncollared gray female.
Find the 2 wolves in this photo – yes there really are 2 wolves – 1 gray, 1 black – now you can understand why I often need help with my spotting scope!
We had them in sight for a good portion of the morning, but visibility was often poor, with the snow making seeing the wolves impossible at times. The 3 wolves eventually moved west out of sight. The wolf crew was getting signals, but no visuals. I am not sure if they got any more sightings the rest of the day.
I ventured east to the Lamar Valley even though no one had any word on the Lamar Canyon pack. Coyotes were the only canid I saw in the Lamar Valley. I was hoping to see a fox to make it a 3-dog day, but struck out there.
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