Memories of My First Wild Wolf Sighting

I feel a strong obligation to fight for wolves – perhaps the most wrongfully persecuted animal in the world. I will fight so others have the chance to experience that same heart-stopping thrill of seeing a wolf in the wild. I will fight so that people will see that we can coexist with wolves. I will fight so that wolves can live in peace and not be subject to the heartless cruelty of humans.

3 Replies to “Memories of My First Wild Wolf Sighting”

  1. Yes, it was a thrill for me my first time seeing a wolf! It left a mark on my heart. I will do whatever I can to save them! To even think that children might grow up never seeing are hearing about wolves is awful! They are necessary for the eco system and I cannot tolerate killing them! I volunteered at the wold sanctuary in Eureka Mo! I hope someone got the message of their beauty and strengths.

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