New season & new look: WolfDog Radio Premieres…

Changing the paradigm one mind at a time…..

WolfDog Radio’s Debut show of David Mech; George Stapleton conducts an in depth interview and asks the questions on all of our minds and hearts regarding wolves. This interview cuts through the innuendo and lands squarely on the future of our wolves…and they are “our wolves.” To listen now click here

David Mech

If the Wolf is to survive, the Wolf Haters must be out-numbered, out-shouted, out-financed and out-voted. ‘ –The Wolf – The Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species by L. David Mech, Ph.D.

Also in the Debut show, Camila Fox of Project Coyote and Brian May of Queen and founder of  Save Me Trust have a discussion about killing animals for sport. Brian May talks about the history of the barbaric practice of fox hounding in England, and the long fight to get it banned.  Camila Fox discusses the barbaric practice of coyote hunting contests in the USA. For their full discussion To listen now click here

Brian May of Queen
Camila Fox of Project Coyote
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WolfDog Radio Mission Statement 

Wolfdog Radio serves the Wolf-dog and wolf community with progressive perspectives, filling needs that other media does not, providing programming that is fair & balanced to North American & international communities.

Wolfdog Radio format includes: talk radio, interviews with call in audience participation. Informative radio segments that includes; fine arts, music, films, current news ,issues and concerns of wolfdog owners and breeders and of, for and about wolves.

Wolfdog Radio will follow ethical procedures to bring integrity to all that we do while researching content, fact checking for accuracy, allowing for unbiased views and perspectives; allowing both sides of issues to be heard.

Wolfdog Radio programming shall place an emphasis on providing a forum for a wide variety of topics or issues and discussions on important local, national and global issues, reflecting values that educate, bring awareness and to advocate on behalf of wolf-dogs and wolves.

WolfDog Radio International 

Save Me Trust

Featured Image: John E Marriott

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