Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

Do not feed the bears.

I have followed the career of Dr. Jane Goodall since childhood. I remember watching National Geographic specials with wide-eyed-wonderment. I was amazed at how Dr. Goodall observed chimpanzees in their natural habitat. A natural habitat can be defined as; the natural environment in which an organism lives, or the physical environment that surrounds a species population. I began working to support wolf recovery as a volunteer winter wolf tracker in the year 2000. Volunteer trackers were instructed to, “do no harm” in wolf habitat. In other words, do not disturb them. For instance, if wolves howled back on a survey, the survey was completed; we were instructed not to howl back, because that would be considered disturbing them.

Wisconsin’s natural resources are kept in the public trust for now and future generations.

I’ve been waiting patently since back in January forresearchto be published…

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