Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

Bear hounding leaves cubs vulnerable to being mauled, orphaned and leads to death. Not to mention this sport disrupts other native wildlife, such as wolves that are rearing pups. Other wildlife affected by running dogs on bear over long distances; birds, deer with fawns, and other small mammals. The sport of bear hounding is not part of “fair chase” used in ethical hunting practices.

That’s why; Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin is beginning a campaign to legislatively end bear hounding in the north woods of Wisconsin.

When this sport of pursing bear with dogs began in 1963 there were no wolves present in Wisconsin. Conflicts arise between bear hunters and wolves because bear hunters run dogs through rendezvous sites where wolves keep pups. Bear hunters are reimbursed $2,500.00 per dead dog killed by wolves forced to defend their pups from free ranging dogs in pursuit of bear.

The dogs pursing…

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