Wildlife Services Gone Amok…

Is killing predators necessary, or has Wildlife Services gone too far? This opinion article by Richard Conniff (from last year) really states the problem spot on. Beth Phillips

Opinion Editorial by Richard Conniff

America’s Wildlife Body Count

Richard Conniff | The New York Times | Sept 17, 2016

Until recently, I had never had any dealings with Wildlife Services, a century-old agency of the United States Department of Agriculture with a reputation for strong-arm tactics and secrecy. It is beloved by many farmers and ranchers and hated in equal measure by conservationists, for the same basic reason: It routinely kills predators and an astounding assortment of other animals — 3.2 million of them last year — because ranchers and farmers regard them as pests. Read full article here


Beth & her best Friend Abbey
Beth Phillips is a new contributing author to Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin. Beth & her best friend  “Abbey” live and work in the Milwaukee area. She is a frequent visitor to Yellowstone National Park and amateur photographer of the parks’ wild wolves.  Phillips believes in the “do no harm” ethic of Compassionate Conservation.  Beth wants wolves & all wildlife including thier habitat protected for the benefit of our planet. 

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