From a Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin’s archive written August 2014. Results from Wisc DNR’s own survey regarding public attitudes towards wolves. #Archive #WIDNR #WolfSurvey

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

The good, bad and the ugly.

The results are in, that Wisconsin’s citizens want wild wolves on the landscape. I was in attendance at the Wolf Advisory Committee (WAC) where the wolf survey was explained and discussed. First of all, I was pleased to be a part of this social survey on wolves as part of focus groups that met in December of 2013.
Finally we have proof positive that the citizens of Wisconsin Support wild wolves. There were clusters of groups used to determine the results and here is an example; the southern part of the state was labeled as non wolf range and most of the northern counties were labeled wolf range. The results showed citizens in both clusters support wild wolves in Wisconsin. The results were positive, with 83% of non wolf range and 69% of wolf range citizens. Read the full WDNR public attitudes towards wolves…

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