Lending a Hand for Wolves

From Defenders of Wildlife Blog: Lendng a Hand for WolvesPosted by: Michael Dax  

Defenders helps ready a pack of Mexican gray wolves for release in Mexico
By the time we reached the one-acre pen holding the family of Mexican gray wolves on Ted Turner’s Ladder Ranch in New Mexico, the morning sun had crested the San Andreas Mountains to the east, illuminating the cottonwoods and sycamores in the valley below.
We parked the trucks a few hundred yards away and walked the temporary holding crates to the enclosure, but the wolves were already well aware of our presence. As we entered, they nervously circled the pen’s rocky terrain, skittishly stealing glances while keeping a comfortable distance. The excitement among our group of twenty (which included U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service staff, biologists from the Ladder Ranch, students from New Mexico State University, high school students and members of the local community) was palpable.  Defenders of Wildlife’s blog For full story.

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