Foxlights are just one of the nonlethal methods farmers can use to coexist with wolves

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Films

In Wisconsin Foxlights kept wolves away from a cow calf operation in Douglas county. U.S. Department of Agriculture APHIS-Wildlife Services in northern Wisconsin purchased 25 of the solar powered Foxlights;USDA Experiments With New Tool To Deter Wolves,and 12 of the Foxlights were placed on a farm in Douglas county. The farm, a cow calf operation, was also using fladry on thier fences to scare away wolves. Fladry is a string of flags that flutter in the wind. Photograph Oregon Dept. of Fish & Game
Wisconsin Wildlife Services installed the lights recently on a Douglas County farm experiencing wolf problems. So I was curious to find out if the Foxlights did thier job. I placed a follow up call to APHIS-USDA, David Ruid, supervisory wildlife biologist with Wildlife Services, and asked Ruid if the solar Foxlights made any difference. According to Ruid 12 solar Foxlights were used for seven…

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