Wild Animals Belong In Our Hearts & Minds

Reblogging this piece from the WODCW archive.

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

Lack of ethical science in our government wildlife agencies is prevalent today more than ever. Or is it? Is there science in wildlife management but is this science lacking empathy for the creatures it manages? Let’s look at the leading expert of chimpanzee behavior, Dr. Jane Goodall, who refused to call her subjects by a number. Dr. Goodall gave every single chimpanzee she observed a name and refused to call them “it.” Please take a minute and view the video on this topic called, “Being With Jane Goodall”

Our government agencies that are in charge of wildlife lack empathy. This is true because how else can they justify the millions of wild animals they “removed” or “harvested” in the name of management. Government wildlife technicians have some sort of wildlife degree that quality them to do the work. But are they expected to act with a lack of empathy in…

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Latest Comments

  1. Carol Tombs says:

    That is a beautiful photo


  2. Henry Mobley says:

    That is the way I like to see animals doing. Relaxing and enjoying life.


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