Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin’s Mission Statement 

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin’s mission is keeping Wisconsin’s wolves under federal protection. A federal judge ordered wolves in the Great Lakes region back under the protection of the endangered species act on December 19, 2014. Wisconsin lost the right to manage its’s wild wolf population. Here’s why, read on: 
 Wisconsin’s wolf management plan excluded key stakeholders. The state of Wisconsin’s wolf management plan was drawn up by special interest hunt clubs. Wisconsin’s Wolf Advisory must be a fair and balanced committee made up with members from all sectors of the community, not just hunt clubs. 

Wisconsin’s wolf is the only animal mandated to be hunted (Wisconsin Act 169) by the state legislature 2012 through emergency rule. 


Wisconsin’s wild wolves went from zero to sixty right off the endangered species list to being a trophy hunted for sport.  

Wisconsin’s citizens deserve programs that will teach wolf education, awareness and advocacy. Wisconsin residents are tired of politicians pushing anti-wolf propaganda that feed age old fears. Let’s progress not digress. 

Wisconsin has a history of being a progressive voice in environmental issues with leaders such as, Aldo Leopoldo and Gaylord Nelson, that taught how to work together for the greater good. 

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin is working with groups and individuals on distribution of non lethal deterrents. USDA, USFW and WDNR have ordered these non lethal deterrents. These devices are another tool in the box in helping livestock producers coexist with wolves. 

Wolves of Douglas County continues wolf education, awareness and actions through social media and added an international writer from Italy.  

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin believes in using the non aggressive approach. Wisconsin residents living in wolf range want their concerns taken seriously avoiding extremism. Focusing on the bigger picture is key to progress. 

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin is an independent social media source. 


Trophy hunts are about power not conservation.

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