WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: Defend Our Wildlife Against Congressional Attacks!

Sign, share and shut up NEVER. This petitin is the real deal and is posted on the White House page. To get the presidents ear this petition needs 100,000 signature by November  for the president to #VetoExtinction. Please, Sign, share and shut up NEVER! 

 WE PETITION  OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO:Defend Our Wildlife Against Congressional Attacks!

Dear President Obama:
Please veto any legislation that would harm wildlife or weaken our Endangered Species Act.
There are numerous proposals before Congress to undermine key components of the law or block protections of individual species.
Of immediate concern are anti-wildlife “riders” hidden in the FY 2016 spending bills. One in S.1645, for example, would strip federal protection for threatened gray wolves in the Great Lakes states and Wyoming, and make it impossible for citizens to legally challenge this underhanded bypass of the Endangered Species Act.
Please resolutely reject all anti-wildlife legislation, and defend one of the most popular and effective environmental laws ever enacted.
Please defend America’s proud legacy of wildlife protection!

Click here to sign the White House petition.
Thank you.
Published Date: Oct 07, 2015

Issues: Environment, Natural Resources

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 Thank you to Campaign For Yellowstone Wolves for puting the petition together. 

Latest Comments

  1. Keri Lewis says:

    Come on wolf lovers and advocates- Let’s share and get signatures!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amberly gormam says:

    This planet, and all the life that it bears, is not for human beings to decimate. Please Mr. President,.. Do the right thing.


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