What’s Your Declaration for Wolves and Wildlife on This Independence Day? 


#KeepWolvesListed Wild and Free USA . Watercolor painting by Rachel Tilseth July 2015
This Independence Day, July 4Th 2015 it’s become a full time job to #KeepWolvesListed….


Our founding fathers had much more in mind for this nation but unfortunately, in today’s modern world of politics the principles of a free democracy have fallen by the wayside. 

Did you know that citizens are underrepresented in congress? 

In 1905 congress suspended the number of representatives allowed in congress. On the Kathleen Dunn Show, WPR a guest discussed this and you can listen here “The Declaration Project” http://www.wpr.org/shows/declaration-project Politicians have become professional. 

Professional in the way that they have no time for the citizens that elected them. That’s why I say it’s become full time work to protect wolves and wildlife because professional politicians are ignoring the will of the people. 

There is hope! 
Hope in the form of a project called, The Declaration Project and its working to keep the founding principles of our democratic system alive. You can read more about it here, It’s Time to Revive the Spirit of 1776 — The Declaration Project by Christopher Phillips http://www.huffingtonpost.com/christopher-phillips/its-time-to-revive-the-sp_b_7712582.html it’s about citizenship and how we all make this nation great. 
What is The Declaration Project?
“While Adams’ prediction turned out to be two days off the mark, there is no more appropriate day than July 2, 2015 to launch The Declaration Project, a comprehensive collection of Declarations from around the world and across the ages — and to give ‘the people’ the opportunity to write and share their own Declaration, and as a result to inspire constructive change.” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/christopher-phillips/its-time-to-revive-the-sp_b_7712582.html

Here’s my Declation for this Independence Day: that congress will listen to the will of the people by preserving 4 decades of environmental progress in our Environmental Protection Act and the Endangered Species Act. #ProtectESA ~Rachel

What’s your declaration for this Independence Day? We want to hear from you in the comments. And please have a safe July 4th!

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  1. My declaration is that I will keep trying to make my voice heard to protect wolves to keep them safe. To make it known that we will not stop till they are safe

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