“Wolves Meet Big Oil” Cartoon Art Rachel Tilseth

   “Wolves Meet Oil” Cartoon Art By Rachel Tilseth May 4th 2015 

Great Lakes and Wyoming wolves are on the Endangered Species List (ESL) as of December 2014. The ESL not only protects the wolf but also the habitat the wolf lives on. Now this doesn’t sit too well with mining, oil, gas and lumber companies because they can’t get to these resouces as long as wolves are protected. These companies are willing to spend big money to get thier hands on wilderness. They want endangered wildlife out of the way so they can get these resources. They pay lobbyists to get politicians to push anti wolf legislation through congress that calls for  delisting of America’s wolves. 

Wolves are apex predators that cause a top down effect called trophic cascade and this benefits the entire ecosystem. Wolves save our wild places as long as they are on the ESL.

#KeepWolvesListed protect America’s Endangered Species Act, and wilderness areas. Tell your congressmen to say no to any legislation that calls for delisting wolves. 

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