National Wildlife Federation Might Back Congressional Bid to Delist Great Lakes Wolf: Contact NWF to voice your opposition.

National Wildlife Federation adopt a wolf program

I’m baffled as to why this large organization, nationwide, with state affiliates here in WI, would back any legislation, or make a resolution to support any legislation that would delist wolves with a Ryder attached. A Ryder that prevents any judicial review of actions made by congress to remove the gray wolf from the Endangered Species Act.

This is a news story that surfaced this week. Read the article here in this link: might back congressional bid to delist Great Lakes wolf.” 

The following three paragraphs are from the above article.

The organization’s state affiliates will vote this weekend on a resolution supporting a “narrow fix” to a federal judge’s decision last December to restore federal protections for wolves in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.”

“The resolution, if adopted, would mark a policy shift at one of the nation’s oldest and largest conservation organizations and has drawn some criticism from environmentalists outside NWF.”

“Although the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) has historically opposed such congressional intervention in agency decision-making and judicial review, these are exceptional circumstances, and without congressional intervention the letter and spirit of the Endangered Species Act regarding gray wolf recovery would be permanently thwarted by the courts,” the resolution states”

This is backwards thinking to put it mildly. This is an irrational justification to turn wolf management back over to state management. 

States that back reckless trophy hunting of wolves led by fringe hunting organizations. 

One of the NWF WI affiliates, Laurie Groskopf sits on the WI Wolf Advisory Committee. Groskopf has made the statement that you have to kill them (the wolf) to save them. I’ve attended these meetings and I have personally heard her make this statement to the committee members.  Groskopf has made her position known. As a WI Wildlife Federation member representative that she supports trophy hunting of wolves.

Here’s your chance to contact them and oppose this action. Here is the to NWF contact them:

Here’s the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation contact link:


Contact both the the state, WI, MN and MI, and the national NWF organization and make your voice count for wolves. Our wildlife and natural resources needs the protections of the Endangered Species Act. Say NO to delisting Great Lakes Wolves. #KeepWolvesListed

Say NO to killing wolves to conserve them. Keep science in the Endangered Species Act.

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