Howling For Wolves: #Live and Let Howl rally

Dr. Maurine Hackett, MD answering question from the press at a Howling For Wolves “#Live And Let howl” rally at the Minnesota state Capitol Saturday November 8, 2014 (photograph by Rachel Tilseth)

On Saturday November 8, 2014 Minnesota wolf hunt began and Howling For Wolves held a protest rally at the state capital. “Over 300 people gathered to protest the MN Wolf Hunting and trapping Season with Howling For Wolves at our “Live and Let Howl” rally.” View more information on this here:

“Dr. Maureen Hackett, founder of Howling For Wolves presented the current situation with wolf hunt and unveiled Live And Let Howl campaign aimed to make public aware of wolf hunt issues and convince the legislature to stop the wolf hunt next legislative session. The campain will feature billboards, radio ads and outreach programs.” From Howling For Wolves

(Photograph belongs to Howling For Wolves)

(300 wolf supporters showed up to protest the Minnesota wolf hunt photograph by Rachel Tilseth)

7 Reasons to let Wolves Live learn more and support the Minnesota Wolf at:

“We have a radio ad coming out in the next week.” Said Dr. Maurine Hackett, MD founder and president of Howling For Wolves seen here with the new slogan. (Photograph by Rachel Tilseth)

(Photograph by Rachel Tilseth of 3 Howling For Wolves protesters, Barb Minar (left) Nancy Christopher (center) and Nancy Johnson (right) Nancy Christopher (in the center) explained trappers in MN are allowed to bait wolves ahead of time allowing wolves to be habituated to bait sites.

Please for more information on Minnesota wolf hunt go to

Myself and Dr. Maurine Hackett, MD at Saturday’s #Live And Let Howl Rally (photograph by Rachel Tilseth)

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