Trophy hunting of wolves with firearms, traps, use of bows, hound hunting with a training season is legal in WI: #BanWolfHounding of #wolves in the #wiwolfhunt

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin(WODCW) wants to remind the citizens of WI, that starting December 2014 the State of Wisconsin will allow the cruel and inhumane practice of hunting wolves with dogs.

Wisconsin is the only state in the nation that allows the use of free-ranging dogs equipped with radio collars to chase down wolves and kill them. In a poll taken (here), by the Human Society of United States, in June of 2013, 85% of people in WI did not want hounding to take place.

Get the FAQs on hound hunting wolves here:

“We want Wisconsinites to know what will happen when packs of dogs are unleashed on wolves”, said Rachel Tilseth, founder of WODCW. “It is not a fair fight. The hound hunters are allowed to place homemade collars on their dogs, which are fitted with nails and shards of steel, which will lacerate the mouths of the wolves once wolves try to fight back. There is no way for the wolf to defend themselves before the hounds’ owners catch up to the pack tearing the wolf apart.”

Last year’s Wolf hunt where dogs were used for the first time in decades was a sham. There were no rules, no enforcement, and botched investigations by WDNR that proved WI is now the laughingstock of the civilized world.

WODCW wanted independent veterinarians in on any investigations of the 35 wolves killed by the use of dogs, but that never happened. Full story here:

New to this second wolf-hounding season. In July 2014, a judge ruled that dogs can be trained to chase wolves. WDNR Wolf Advisory Committee has recommended a training period from the end of gun deer hunt season and run through February. This is wolf breeding season, and wolves protect their mates. “I am certain that wolves will defend their mates from hound hunting dogs at this time of year resulting in brutal conflicts,” Tilseth stated.

Press members are encouraged to join WODCW in the woods to expose this form of cruelty to educate Wisconsin residents on this archaic method of killing wolves. “There has never been a more critical time for the people of WI to show they are not going to give in to a small group of fringe hunters who want to torture animals for fun under the guise of legalized sport here in WI’s north woods.

Tilseth stated, “Wolf hounding is a return to the days when hunters drove wolves to the brink of extinction.” We ask you all to call and email your opposition to wolf hounding and end this bloodletting before it begins in December”.


About Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin
Rachel Tilseth founded wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin after spending 13 years as a WI DNR winter carnivore/wolf tracker volunteer under the supervision of former head wolf biologist Adrian Wydeven. Tilseth is a long-time WI resident, educator, and artist.

Photograph of wolf heading down the road in the North woods of Wisconsin. It belongs to Rachel Tilseth

4 Replies to “Trophy hunting of wolves with firearms, traps, use of bows, hound hunting with a training season is legal in WI: #BanWolfHounding of #wolves in the #wiwolfhunt”

  1. I have written to every single person that has anything to do with this barbaric (only in WI) dog fight in the woods, and all I can get back is that it is a MANDATED hunt. That means that the gray wolf hunt MUST be held because it has been legislated. In the original bill that was presented it was 4.5 months long, day and night, bow and arrow, crossbow, guns, traps, packs of up to 6 hounds per hunter, and the use of animal distress calls, and bait was also mentioned. WI is responsible for the last passenger pigeon dying here, and it has been thoroughly researched that harassment was the major player in their demise. 10 months of running packs of hounds for the purpose of this so called “training” and then a 4.5 month hunt period to me seems like harassment, and to many who are observing facebook the “shoot, shovel, shutup” policy of poaching is well documented. Many of us who have been watching this unfold feel that the only recourse is the ballot box on Nov. 4th to remove those responsible for voting this barbaric ritual into effect because the DNR has turned a deaf ear with their form letter responses to over 85% of WI’s residents pleas. This is probably the last year for our magnificent gray ghosts of the forest, and it is a shame.

  2. The thoughts of what carnage will take place against the magnificent wild wolves (who have not one chance of defending themselves) makes me feel sick to my stomach. And training dogs to tear them to pieces is also a crime, a HORRENDOUS crime! This cruel and viscous
    practice should NOT BE ALLOWED. WI, and everyone who lives there should be protecting our wildlife, not slaughtering them. What a backward state to promote this kind of killing. GET EDUCATED WI, wolves have been proven to help the ecosystem where they live, as has been proven in Yellowstone National Park, after wolves were reintroduced, this past year. They only hunt to eat and don’t kill more than they need. You are barbarians to kill such magnificent wild life, not for self defense, but the worst reason of all – for SPORT!!! SHAME ON YOU – SHAME ON ALL OF YOU. All of you should be locked up forever.

    1. In addition, it is being allowed on PUBLIC LAND. You can’t go to Crex Meadows, Amsterdam Slough, nor any so called “preserved area” that are for the “public” which to me means EVERYONE in WI, not just these hunters, trappers, and hounders to walk your dog, or just stroll through the brush to see the variations of vegetation like the wild sage and asparagus that grows there for fear of either you or your beloved pet getting caught in a trap, and soon (December) even chased by packs of up to 6 hounds per hunter. I pay taxes in this state, I buy license plates with a wolf on them, and I pay for my fishing licenses as well, and I deserve consideration. I deserve just as MUCH consideration as these VERY VOCAL hounders/trappers/hunters. Most REAL hunters don’t need a pack of dogs and wouldn’t even consider a non meat animal anyway.

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