Who We Support

Timber Wolf Alliance

Science, outreach, and education.

“In 1987, only eighteen wolves were estimated to live in Wisconsin and fewer in Upper Michigan. That year, the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute began the Timber Wolf Alliance to assist twenty-one organizations and many private individuals in promoting wolf recovery in Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula through public education, citizen science, and volunteer activities.”

“The Timber Wolf Alliance is committed to investigating the facts and relies on research to dispel myths and unfounded fears associated with wolves. TWA provides training in wolf biology and ecology, develops and disseminates educational materials on wolves, and supports volunteers to help with wolf monitoring efforts.” Timber Wolf Alliance


To use science-based information to promote an ecologically-functional wolf population within areas of suitable habitat, and promote human coexistence with emphasis on Michigan and Wisconsin.” Timber Wolf Alliance

Wolf Ecology & Conservation Certification Weekend takes place from August 19th through August 21, 2022,  for more information click the highlighted words here: Wolf Ecology & Conservation Certification Weekend

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