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Meet the Advocates Inside the Heart of Wolf Advocacy: The Yellowstone Story

Our film is currently in production.

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Meet the Advocates is a short film teaser in early production. A famous wolf, known as 06, lost her life to a trophy hunter as she left the the park’s sanctuary in 2012. Six years later 06’s daughter, known as Spitfire, wolf 926F suffered the same fate in November 2018. Today, Wolves in Yellowstone have become the “rock stars” of their species due to the hundreds of thousands of people that venture into the park hoping for a glimpse of a Yellowstone wolf. Meet the advocates that work to preserve the legacy of Yellowstone National Park wolves as they face an uncertain future from legal trophy hunts just beyond the border. Advocates: Ilona Popper, Nathan Varley, Linda Thurston & Marc Cooke. A Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Film produced by Maaike Middleton and Rachel Tilseth Directed by Rachel Tilseth