The sport of bear hounding results in injuries or death to both bears and dogs 

Bear hounding leaves cubs vulnerable to being  mauled, orphaned and leads to death. Not to mention this sport disrupts other native wildlife, such as wolves that are rearing pups. Other … Read More

Nonviolence a strategy that won the war on treaty rights

“If you can’t go to El Salvador, then come to Northern Wisconsin and witness the violence.” ~Walter Bresette in his own words. In the featured photograph is Sandy Lyon and … Read More

Wisconsin bear hunters and wolves a conflict spanning more than three decades…

..with no resolution in sight. I was curious as to just how far apart were the two recent hunting dog depredations just outside of the town of Solon Springs. So … Read More

Foxlights are just one of the nonlethal methods farmers can use to coexist with wolves

In Wisconsin Foxlights kept wolves away from a cow calf operation in Douglas county.  U.S. Department of Agriculture APHIS-Wildlife Services in northern Wisconsin purchased 25 of the solar powered Foxlights; USDA … Read More

Wolves are benifical for the health of Wisconsin’s forests…

…According to a study by USDA Forest Service Research & Development: Wolf Recovery and the Future of Wisconsin’s Forests: A Trophic Link Wolves were all but eradicated in Wisconsin by … Read More

Great Lakes Wolf Summit is such a-comedy-of-errors

Let’s begin with the two politicians calling for this summit. Tiffany and Jarchow are so out of touch with the Conservation values of their constituents, that they were given a “fail” … Read More

Price tag for nine dead hound hunting dogs in the pursuit of bear is $22,500.00 

Updated: July 26, 2016 another hound dog fatality. In Lincoln county a Plott, female, 6.5 year old dog brings total to ten.  Dogs may be trained statewide by pursuing bear … Read More

Let’s celebrate the Wisconsin wolf and not kill him

On September 15, 2016 please join Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin and other advocates across the state and the nation in an act of celebration and solidarity for the Wisconsin … Read More

Thinning out coyotes by killing them doesn’t work and only leads to more predation on livestock

No science behind coyote killing contests. The Wisconsin coyote is considered to be a furbearer and is hunted year-round. The Wisconsin coyote has been classified as vermin that is harmful … Read More

Top story in Wisconsin as hound hunters lose two more dogs in pursuit of bear in Douglas & Sawyer counties 

On Saturday July 9th two more dogs were killed, one in Douglas county was a Black and Tan, male, 6 months old, and the other in Sawyer county was a … Read More

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