Lawsuit argues that wolves must remain federally protected until the Fish and Wildlife Service implements a national recovery plan.

“We won’t let the Trump administration bring wolf recovery to a screeching halt to benefit the blood sport of trophy hunting,” said Collette Adkins, a Minneapolis-based Center biologist and attorney. … Read More

Urgent Action Required to Protect Gray Wolves From Delisting Threat in Wisconsin, Minnesota & Michigan…

The U.S. House of Representatives scheduled a vote the week of November 12 on H.R. 6784, a bipartisan bill requiring the Secretary of the Interior to reissue final rules removing … Read More

Delisting Wisconsin’s gray wolf would once again allow wolf hunters to run hound dogs on them…

During wolf recovery in 2006 on a snow covered road in northern Wisconsin I found wolf sign every tenth of a mile while tracking. This was on the very edge … Read More

Artist Diana J Smith Series Combines the New Mexico Landscape & Wild Wolf…

…Fine art by Diana J Smith can be viewed at “This new body of work feels like a cleansing. I have put aside collage and mixed media. Now I’m … Read More

The first phase of a three to five year effort to relocate up to 20-30 wolves to the Isle Royale National Park has begun.

I wanted to learn more about the Isle Royale National Park Service (NPS) wolf translocation project to restore predation to the island ecosystem. I headed over to Minneapolis, Minnesota to … Read More

The 21 Juliana v. US Youth Plaintiffs are Suing for a science-based National Recovery Plan

Throwback to the #RISEforclimate march in San Francisco last month! The next opportunity to fill the streets for climate is on October 29 to support the Juliana v. US plaintiffs … Read More

A Mother black bear will teach her cubs everything they need to know in order to survive…

The Black Bear moves softly through the berry patch showing her cubs the way, teaching her cubs where to find food, just like her mother taught her generation after generation, … Read More

Protections Restored & Hunts on Grizzly Bears Blocked

Video clip from Bradley Orsted Featured image Bradley Orsted Horsefeathers Photography Protections restored for grizzly bears; hunts blocked By MATTHEW BROWN Associated Press SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 — 12:55AM BILLINGS, Mont. … Read More

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