Cathy Stepp’s New WDNR: Dysfunction Junction.

*Updated 06/11/18 – I attended the monthly meetings of the Secretary Stepp’s newly appointed Wisconsin DNR’s Wolf Advisory Committee 2012-2014. I witnessed just how dysfunctional it would get at these … Read More

09/08/14 WI Wolf Hunt’s Lack of Regulations: Use of dogs in the wolf hunt proposes voluntary guidelines to allow for more thorough evaluation.

By Rachel Tilseth One of the many concerns regarding using dogs in the wolf hunt is the registration process. This was one of the agenda items discussed at the August … Read More

09/04/14 Wisconsin’s Wolf Hunt: how to make changes. By Rachel Tilseth

Wolves were delisted in the Great Lakes in 2011 and the WI legislature immediately went into action creating a law that would allow a wolf hunting season 2011 WISCONSIN … Read More

08/22/14-Change The Law, Save Wolves: Bring back a climate of wolf awareness. By Rachel Tilseth

The definition of torture is to purposely inflict pain. While working as a WDNR winter wolf tracker in the north woods of Wisconsin have heard a tale or two perpetuated … Read More

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