WI’s Wild Wolves are Federally Protected: The Endangered Species Act…The ESA prohibits harassing, harming, pursuing, hunting, shooting, wounding, killing, trapping…

Great Lakes wolves ordered returned to endangered list as of Friday December 19, 2014 read more here: http://wolvesofdouglascountywisconsin.com/2014/12/20/recreational-hunting-of-great-lakes-wolves-is-stopped-wolves-are-back-on-the-federal-endangered-species-list-immediately/ The following is a reminder to anyone who knowingly kills a WI … Read More

Recreational Hunting of Great Lakes Wolves is Stopped: Wolves are back on the federal Endangered species list immediately…

(Photograph by Mike Crowley a Wisconsinite) It’s about time the Fish and game agencies are made accountable for their reckless trophy hunting of wolves. When wolves were delisted in 2012 … Read More

From Today’s Headlines: Hunter Asks For More Trapping Regulations After Dog Dies In Conibear…

In the news. Hunter Asks For More Trapping Regulations After Dog Dies In Conibear. December 18, 2014 10:46 PM “MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Minnesota hunter is pushing for change after … Read More

WI Department of Natural Resources New Wolf Management Draft Plan Will Be Up for Public Comment in January

By Rachel Tilseth, Wolves Of Douglas County Wisconsin The new WI wolf management draft plan update that will be in effect for the next ten years (2025) and is scheduled … Read More

WDNR has open seasons on bobcat & coyote and it is legal to run dogs on wolves for training purposes in WI.

(Photograph belongs to Rachel Tilseth) I just spoke with David MacFarland, WDNR, who confirmed; as of today WDNR administration will not allow zones 3 and 6 to fill. MacFarland also … Read More

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