A Yellowstone Glimpse – Day 3 – The Waiting is the Hardest Part (but so worth it!)

Today’s drive into the park was certainly less harrowing than yesterday’s white knuckler – no cars off the road or stuck sideways on drifted over S-curve inclines. I drove to where we had seen wolves the last 2 days – hmmmm – no wolf crew or regular wolf watchers. I hadn’t passed anyone with spotting […]

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Wolves in Peril: The Hunt has Begun

Anger, disgust, fear – those are the emotions running through me right now. The 6-month-long wolf hunting season in Montana begins today, September 15th and runs through March 15th – six long and stress-filled months. Montana has mapped the state into 18 Wolf Management Units (WMUs) which it opens to wolf hunting. Of these 18 WMUs, […]

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Turning Anger into Positive Action

How does the following photo make wolf and wildlife advocates feel? Angry? Outraged? Absolutely! Here is the challenge for all of us – Don’t take out that anger by commenting on the appearance of the people in the photo or by reinforcing stereotypes. That is not what’s important about the photo.  What we need to […]

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Nine Days

Nine days – in the grand scheme of things it is the blink of an eye, barely even a blip in time on the history of this Earth. It is how many days I was able to see 949M, the alpha male of Yellowstone’s Lamar Canyon wolf pack, during his lifetime. But those nine days […]

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Wolf news from across the country…

It certainly has been an up and down whirlwind of a week for news on gray wolves. From the disheartening reports out west where wildlife officials are killing members of Washington’s Smackout pack and the Harl Butte pack in Oregon, to the two encouraging news stories concerning Wisconsin wolves. The first story affecting Wisconsin’s gray […]

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