Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Films, LLC and news media provides factual news about wild gray wolves.

Educate, advocate & legislate

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Films is a Company producing film projects that inspire change through environmental education and legislation. Gray wolves are recovering on a worldwide landscape, our films, involve a global audience. We connect and engage viewers with filmmakers dedicated to documenting the conscious relationships between advocates and Gray wolves. We view the need for people to learn how to coexist with wild wolves that are now struggling for survival worldwide. To support this effort, we maintain a network of subject matter experts in film producers, scientists, academics, as well as other advocates who share a common interest to advocate, produce and share educational stories of people and Gray wolves.

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin is a media news blog about the wild gray wolf. Provides factual news stories.

Wolves of Douglas County WI Films LLC believes Compassionate Conservation is the future. WODCW believes in Compassionate Conservation developed by Born Free Foundation.

First, do no harm as a commitment to prioritising non-invasive approaches in conservation research and practice, and an acknowledgement that invasive interventions may harm individuals, populations, and ecosystems.

Individuals matter in conservation research and practice, not merely as units of species and populations, and should be treated with compassion both in the wild and in captivity

Valuing all wildlife as worthy of conservation effort, whether native or introduced, whether common or rare, and regardless of perceived usefulness to humans

Peaceful coexistence with wildlife is the ultimate aim guiding compassionate conservation practices

WODCW does not support any type of trophy hunting to manage wild animals.

Wolves of Douglas County WI Films LLC is an independent entity.

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin TM (WODCW) was founded by Rachel Tilseth in 2011 to bring education and awareness for promoting wolf recovery.

WODCW Blog: http://www.wolvesofdouglascountywisconsin.com

Instagram: @wolvesofdouglascountywisconsin

Twitter: @WolvesDouglasCo

Facebook: http://www.WolvesOfDouglasCountyWisconsin.com 

Founder: Rachel Tilseth

WODCW is copyrighted 2011

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  1. This killing of our wolves is a horrible statement of cruelty towards God’s creatures. They deserve respect and we should be working to live with them.

  2. Rachel, what an incredible find your blog is. A result of your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. Thank you and I hope you will share some posts of yours over at my place.

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  4. Thank you for setting an example to be followed and for advocating compassion for these misunderstood and majestic animals. I can only long for the day when we will learn how to co-exist with wildlife.

  5. Hi Rachel
    I’m sitting here in Ecuador – after attending a lovely ballet where a 12-year old friend performed tonight. 20 minutes from home, I stopped for a final cyber check and have enjoyed (sort of) reading some of the latest posts on your site. |I say, ‘sort of’ -because I’m feeling quite sick at the thought of the Predator Challenge. Viewing my home country with foreign eyes, I easily understand why many people in the world look at the USA with disgust.
    I checked to see if there’s a list of participants – to see if anyone from my home state (Mississippi) is participating. I veered to this post which I will read more carefully when I get home.

    Thank you for all that you do – not only for speaking up for those who have no voice, but also for setting an example so that others might find a stronger backbone – and speak up.

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