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  1. I deeply believe that such indiscriminate killing of our wild wolves is self-destructive and will impair our natural habitats. Please stop this destruction!

  2. This killing of our wolves is a horrible statement of cruelty towards God’s creatures. They deserve respect and we should be working to live with them.

  3. Rachel, what an incredible find your blog is. A result of your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. Thank you and I hope you will share some posts of yours over at my place.

  4. Thank you for setting an example to be followed and for advocating compassion for these misunderstood and majestic animals. I can only long for the day when we will learn how to co-exist with wildlife.

  5. Hi Rachel
    I’m sitting here in Ecuador – after attending a lovely ballet where a 12-year old friend performed tonight. 20 minutes from home, I stopped for a final cyber check and have enjoyed (sort of) reading some of the latest posts on your site. |I say, ‘sort of’ -because I’m feeling quite sick at the thought of the Predator Challenge. Viewing my home country with foreign eyes, I easily understand why many people in the world look at the USA with disgust.
    I checked to see if there’s a list of participants – to see if anyone from my home state (Mississippi) is participating. I veered to this post which I will read more carefully when I get home.

    Thank you for all that you do – not only for speaking up for those who have no voice, but also for setting an example so that others might find a stronger backbone – and speak up.

    1. Lisa,
      It’s a sad state of affairs here with wildlife killing contests. Such cruelty committed against our native carnivores. Hopefully we can stop them.

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