Rachel holds a Batchelor of Science Degree in Art Education from the University of Wisconsin Stout, graduating in 1992. Tilseth is an educator living in northwestern Wisconsin. Tilseth is an artist, freelance writer and journalist. Tilseth’s interests in nature, specifically wolves, led her to advocate for wolves and wildlife.

Rachel was born in Madison Wisconsin.  Rachel’s fifth and six grade teacher taught her to love and respect wild animals.  Rachel started getting involved in saving the environment at the tender age of twelve. In the late 1960s Rachel wrote a letter to Senator Gaylord Nelson supporting his legislation to stop the flooding of the Grand Canyon. Then she went about saving Wisconsin’s Prairie Chickens, and the American Bald Eagle. As a high school student she continued her work by participating in the very first Earth Day.

In the late 1980s she was involved in the sulfate mining protests in Wisconsin. In 1990 Rachel met the activists’ John Trudell and Floyd Crow Westerman at a Protect the Earth rally in Hayward Wisconsin. Trudell taught her to be more vocal about wolves and the environment. Then in 1998 Rachel began supporting the Wisconsin Wolf Recovery Program.  Rachel wrote letters and received replies from to Dr. Jane Goodall about the wolf recovery in Wisconsin. In the year 2000 Rachel began working as a volunteer winter wolf tracker for the wolf recovery program.  Rachel spent every spare weekend learning about the wolves and their movements in Douglas county Wisconsin.  It was through that experience she learned to admire and respect the wolf for their strong family values.

In 2011 as wolves in the Great Lakes Region we’re being delisted, and Wisconsin Legislation Act 169 enacted a trophy hunt on wolves Rachel hit the ground running.  She founded the blog and social media network Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin to bring education and awareness to Wisconsin’s wild wolf. She began speaking out against wolf trophy hunts, and is active in working to ban Wolf Hounding in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is the only state the allows the barbaric use of dogs to track and trail wolves in a trophy hunt.  Rachel worked with Senator Fred Risser on Legislation to remove dogs from the wolf hunt. Unfortunately, the bill never left Committee.  Rachel garnered the support of the press and kept up the pressure to hold WI DNR accountable for allowing the barbaric practice of wolf-hounding on an endangered species. Tilseth is working to get Legislation up and going to ban the use of dogs to hunt wolves in Wisconsin.

She has a strong background in the visual arts. She’s a sculptor and oil painter. Tilseth has expanded her interest into filmmaking. She’s currently in the process of creating a documentary film about the heart of wolf advocacy. Rachel believes that story telling through the medium of film, a visual art form, is the next step to advocating for the wolf.

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