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About The Author

Rachel Tilseth is the author and founder of Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin founded 2012 to get the dogs out of the wolf hunt. Tilseth has been involved in Wisconsin’s wolf recovery since the year 1998. Tilseth is an artist, art educator & grandmother living in the north woods of Wisconsin. 

I’ve been a volunteer helping on Wolf recovery for two decades giving of my time and money. I’m an artist and art teacher. I care about wolves and want them here for future generations. I’m a mother and grandmother. I’m just a citizen that wants change! And is willing to work for it. ~Rachel 


*Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin is an independent blog, (news source) and is not affiliated, or aligned with any wolf or wildlife organizations in Wisconsin. 

Interviews of Rachel Tilseth on behalf of wolves:

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Two wolves were killed today by hunters using dogs Dec 6, 2013 

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Wisconsin’s wolf recovery began in the late 1970s….

When I started helping to monitor wolves in the year 2000 there were 66 wolf packs. Last count in 2016 has a total of 222 wolf packs. There’s more work to do with Wisconsin’s wolf recovery. Wolves are a part of Wisconsin’s wild legacy. #wisconsin #wolfrecovery #protectwolves #nonlethal #wolfmanagement #stopwaronwolvesact

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