Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

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About The Author

Rachel Tilseth has been involved in Wisconsin’s wolf recovery program since the year 1998. She has been a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Volunteer Winter Wolf Tracker since the year 2000. Tilseth is the founder of Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin, that was founded in 2012 for the purpose of advocating to stop the trophy hunting of Wisconsin’s wolves. Tilseth began working to ban the use of dogs to track and trail wolves during the hunts in 2012, 2013 and 2014. She has worked with Wisconsin senator Fred Risser to remove the dogs from the wolf hunt 2012-14. Presently Tilseth is heading up a campaign to end the barbaric practice known as Wolf Hounding that is sanctioned by the state of Wisconsin in 2011 Wisconsin Act 169. Tilseth believes in and practices Compassionate Conservation founded by Born Free Foundation. Tilseth is also an artist, retired art educator, a mother and grandmother from Wisconsin.

I’ve been a volunteer helping on Wolf recovery for two decades contributing my own time and money. I care about wolves and want them here for future generations. I’m a mother and grandmother. I’m a citizen that wants change, and is willing to work for it. ~Rachel 

*Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin is an independent blog, (news source) and is not affiliated, or aligned with any wolf or wildlife organizations in Wisconsin.

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