Please Take Action: Petition seeks to remove the allowance of dogs for hunting wolves in Wisconsin

Petition: Repeal Act 169 6:2, Use of Dogs to Hunt Wolves. To sign the petition click HERE

No Grounds For Hounds designed by Ned Gannon

Ned Gannon started this petition to and 2 others

This petition seeks to remove the allowance of dogs for hunting wolves in WI, which is allowed through Act 169 passed by the Walker Administration in 2012. It results in terrorizing of the animals, sometimes running them to death or cornering them in vicious fights that are nothing more than legalized dog fighting. No other state with wolves allows this form of hunting. It does not honor the dog safety or the wolf’s life. Wolves are a vital part of ecosystems allowing for a balance of wildlife and healthy robust plant diversity. Wolves also tend cull deer with Chronic Wasting Disease lowering the disease’s spread. Those advocating for the need to kill wolves through management programs should not be opposed to this process. In February of 2021 WI hunters killed at least 216 wolves in three days going nearly 100 over the state determined quota. This was months after the animal was taken off the Endangered Species Act in a moment of political theater. The normal wolf season is supposed to run from October to February. The species can’t endure a season that long if these methods allow such a high kill rate in three days. Advocates for wolves as a “recovered” species that no longer need protection rarely account for the hatred of this animal that is much higher than other species that recover such as Bald Eagles and Sandhill Cranes. Additionally, wolves are an attractive part of the allure of the outdoors for many non-consumer recreationalists in WI. And there are no reported incidents of wolves attacking humans in the state.

To sign the petition click HERE

Art work by Ned Gannon

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