Wildlife killing contests must be outlawed by Peggy Race

As an animal welfare advocate, I was shocked to learn that wildlife killing contests are not only legal but are also held in the Badger State. One such event, “Moondog Madness”, is a blood sport held in January and February that will result in the loss of life for many a coyote. These grisly spectacles that glorify killing and violence are being held in Sparta, Sauk City and Cambria, Wisconsin.

The moral compass of our society rests on the shoulders of each individual and the values we instill in the younger generation. To date, all 50 states have outlawed dog fighting and cockfighting, yet I find it alarming that our young children are being encouraged to participate in this cruel sport.

Imagine being lured by the sound of an animal in distress, running to provide aid, only to lose your life for the sake of an event that violates accepted standards in regards to Wisconsin’s hunting tradition of sportsmanship, fair chase and respect for the outdoors. In the end, your body is dumped and you become a number; another notch on a dirty fighter’s quest to earning a prize.

Humans and wild animals both have a job to do in maintaining nature’s delicate balance. Using wildlife killing contests as a means of reducing the coyote population doesn’t work. As family structures are destabilized, reproduction increases and the coyote population grows. Wildlife killings, a form of animal cruelty, will not protect livestock or other game species. 

Wisconsin already has passed strong laws prohibiting animal cruelty and animal fighting. Let us stand firm to our state motto and become a national leader in animal welfare. Wildlife killing contests are inhumane and should be outlawed. Source

Peggy Race

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