Clean off your camera lens and bring us your best shots of Wisconsin & Minnesotan native predators: Coyote, Timber wolf, Red fox, Gray Fox and Bobcat! Photography can be submitted starting on March 1st, 2019. Contests deadline for submitting photos will be June 1st, 2019. Photography will be submitted to a panel of artists & National Coalition to End Wildlife Killing Contests members for review and they will select the top 15 final submissions to be judged by our renown Wildlife Photographer. Our Judge is renowned National Geographic Photographer Jim Brandenburg. Contest rules, prizes and requirements for submissions forthcoming.

Get ready to shoot wildlife with your camera! Renowned National Geographic Photographer, Jim Brandenburg, will not only be judging the final top 15 submissions; he’s also donating one of his prints to one lucky winner!

Renowned National Geographic Photographer Jim Brandenburg will our esteemed judge.

Minnesota native Jim Brandenburg traveled the globe as a photographer with National Geographic magazine for over three decades. He has done assignment work and has been published in numerous national and international publications including;

The New York Times, Life, Time, Audubon, Smithsonian, Natural History, GEO, Modern Maturity, BBC Wildlife, Outdoor Photographer, National Wildlife, and Outside.

Brandenburg is the star of the award winning film Medicine of the Wolf and Wolf Spirit, Produced and Directed by Julia Huffman!

Contest prizes include a ball cap signed by the celebrated singer, songwriter, and guitarist member of the folk-rock group America…

Dewey Bunnell, singer, songwriter, and guitarist from the folk-rock group America will be autographing Project Coyote’s ball caps as prizes for the top 15 winners!

Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Dewey Bunnell was born on January 19, 1952 in Harrogate, Yorkshire, England. His father was an American serviceman stationed in England. Bunnell met fellow musicians Gerry Beckley and Dan Peek in high school. The trio formed the folk-rock group America in 1969. The band released their first album in 1971 and have recorded over twenty albums to date. Dewey wrote the hit songs “A Horse With No Name”, “Ventura Highway” and “Tin Man” for the group. Bunnell continues to be a member of America along with fellow original founding member Gerry Beckley.

In the photograph: Dewey Bunnell, singer, songwriter, and guitarist from the folk-rock group America will be autographing Project Coyote’s ball caps as prizes for the top 15 winners!
Project Coyote ball caps will be autographed by America band member Dewey Bunnell and give as prizes to the top 15 winners!

Shoot wildlife with a camera! The photography competition is in support of #EndWildlifeKillingContests

National Coalition to End Wildlife Killing Contests WEBSITE

Wildlife killing contests are symptomatic of a broader problem of misguided wildlife governance by state agencies that fails to value the crucial ecological roles of native carnivores and other wildlife. The belief that killing unlimited numbers of native carnivores is a legitimate form of wildlife management is perpetuated by special interest groups—trophy hunters, trappers, and agricultural lobby groups—and exists largely because it is considered more expedient to kill wildlife than to implement responsible, science-based conservation and management.

Participants often justify their events with misleading claims that they will reduce conflicts with coyotes—the species most often targeted in these contests. There is no documented scientific evidence that coyote killing contests permanently reduce coyote abundance, increase populations of deer or other game species, or prevent conflicts between predators, humans and livestock.

Watch Project Coyote’s film trailer ” Killing Games: Wildlife Caught in the Crosshairs”

Featured image credit Jim Brandenburg

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