…The Commissioner called coyote derbies a “brutal, barbaric, inhumane practice.”

New Mexico’s state land commissioner banned organized animal-killing contests on state lands on Thursday, calling coyote derbies a “brutal, barbaric, inhumane practice.”

“This executive order is not to say that the New Mexico land office doesn’t support hunters — hunters who hunt ethically,” Stephanie Garcia Richard, the newly-elected Democratic land commissioner, said at the order signing.

On nine million acres in the state, “all organized killing contests” involving unprotected species, such as coyotes, are now barred by the executive order. Thursday’s ban is Garcia Richard’s first executive order in office.

“If you want to hold a contest to see who can accumulate the most coyote carcases … from today forward, you won’t be able to do that on state trust land,” Garcia Richard said. Read more here: Click Here

“Today I signed my first State Land Office Executive Order. These are not hunting contests. They are animal cruelty contests. It is an inexcusable practice, and today I used my authority to ban organized killing contests of unprotected species on any of the nine million acres of State Trust Land that I am charged with overseeing. The position of the State Land Office under my direction is that all wildlife are sacred and all wildlife play a vital role in our environment. This action does not restrict a ranchers ability to humanely remove or kill an animal causing harm to agriculture or domestic pets on State Trust Lands. What we are addressing is the blood sport where participants kill dozens of animals without sound justification and play for cash and prizes.” Stephanie Garcia Richard, the newly-elected land commissioner of New Mexico. Photograph from New Mexico Land Office Facebook.

Featured image: Coyotes killed at the Southern Illinois Predator Challenge in 2017.

For more information on how you can help End Wildlife Killing Contests go to projectcoyote.org

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