The BBC Springwatch presenter says it’s time we put an end to fox hunting once and for all – and has offered himself as quarry for the New Forest Hounds in Hampshire (Source)

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In a bid to stop foxes ‘being torn to pieces’, animal campaigner Chris Packham offered himself as a hunt’s first human quarry.

The naturalist urged his local hunt in Hampshire, the New Forest Hounds, to switch to drag hunting, which involves dog tracking either a human runner or chemical scent.

He says their ‘trail hunting’ can still end with foxes being killed.

Hunts in some parts of the UK have faced allegations the blood sport has continued under the guise of trail hunting.(click here to read more)

Chris shares his outrage at fox hunting (Image: @ChrisGPackham/Twitter)

In The USA…

In the United States The Humane Society of the United States and Project Coyote are working to put an end to Wildlife Killing Contests. (For more information click the highlighted words)

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