by Mikii Opahle

Stop senseless wildlife killing.

It is the season of gratitude when we celebrate peace, reflect on our humanity, and resolve to do better in the coming year. Sadly, a few days after the new year starts a small number of individuals will descend upon our town to kill as many coyotes as they can to feed their egos. We are referring to a coyote killing contest scheduled to come to our community of Sauk City, as well as Cambria and Sparta.

We respect life, uphold ethical hunting standards, and do not condone needless violence against our native wildlife. Encouraging people to kill as many animals as possible for “fun” and prizes is disrespectful to the lives of the animals they’ve taken. This contest does not demonstrate fair chase and serves no scientifically justifiable purpose. As members of the community, we find it disgraceful that such inhumane and senseless killing of wildlife can be allowed to go on.

We respectfully ask our legislators, State Representatives Considine and Erpenbach, to support legislation banning wildlife killing contests. We also ask Governor-elect Tony Evers to make the DNR more receptive to the wishes of the people of Wisconsin, in whose trust our wildlife is managed. (Source)

Mikii Opahle, Baraboo

Click here to find your state assemblyman.

Click here to find your state Senator.

Featured image of coyote credit NPS

One thought on “Letter to the Editor: Support Legislation Banning Wildlife Killing Contests

  1. Predator species are a necessary part of a healthy ecology . Killing for the sake of killing is NOT conservation. What does the DNR do these days aside from poisoning and killing wildlife?


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