Wolf 926F of the Lamar Canyon Pack was the daughter of the famous O-Six wolf that was also killed by a trophy hunter as she left the safety of YNP boundary. Thanks to the heartless trophy hunter 926F joins her mother in the spirit world cut down far too soon. Trophy hunting is about power not conservation. Let’s all reach out to our members in Congress (Capital Switchboard 202-224-3121) and express our sadness and let them know you are one of hundreds of thousands of us, that will not tolerate this senseless killing of a legend. Nor any other gray wolf in America! RIP 926F…

926F is the daughter of the famous O-Six female  (legally shot outside of the park in 2012 By a trophy hunter) who was the grand-daughter of the Druid Peak alpha pair 21M and 42F.

Photograph of Wolf 926F Photo credit by Vanessa Vought

8 thoughts on “Sad news coming out of Yellowstone National Park 926F was shot in Montana’s wolf trophy hunt…

  1. words cannot express my sadness I feel from this administrations war on wolves throughout our states. It is so disgraceful to know this administration will stop at nothing to destroy the wolves and their habitat for trophies.

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  2. This disgusts me! I am a Canadian and my heart bleeds when the wolves we gave Yellowstone are killed. These wolves are trying to thrive and get off of the endangered list.

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  3. Its shocking to kill these beauitful animals. Trophy hunting is diabolical, all for one man’s ego of blood sport. With high powered guns.. may it bring him bad luch for the rest of his life!
    This should be banned. Shame on America!

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