First wolf, “Do you smell what I’m smelling?”

Second wolf, “Smells like sweat, like old man body odor.”

First wolf, “The shoes 👞 are smelling like they stepped in crap.”

Second wolf, “Like they are full of sh*t.”

First wolf, “Ya, like they are stomping all over the First Amendment.”

Second wolf, “The smell is putrid, as if something is rotting and decaying.”

First wolf, “It’s the Bill of Rights decaying right now.”

Second wolf, “The smell just vanished?”

First wolf, “Take a look up in the Montana Big Sky. It’s Air Force One Leaving.”

Second wolf, “That’s where the smell is coming from.”

Photo credit NPS

Take a listen for yourself as a sitting president, Donald Trump, praises a Montanan for body slamming a reporter.

Not very presidential? Is it?

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