Duffy says bill to remove wolves from endangered list passes House committee WAOW.com September 26, 2018

Alert: The House Natural Resources Committee passed Duffy’s “Manage Our Wolves Act”

WASHINGTON, DC (WAOW) – U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wis., said Wednesday a House committee has passed his legislation to remove gray wolves from the federal endangered species list and give management of them to the states.

Take action to protect Gray wolves from being delisted in the lower 48 states Find your House of Representatives here and tell them you want wolves to remain on the Endangered Species List.

“Wisconsin farmers are now one step closer to having the legal means to defend their livestock from gray wolves,” Duffy said in a statement.

The House Natural Resources Committee passed Duffy’s “Manage Our Wolves Act” 19 to 15, he said. It now goes to the full House.

The congressman, who is seeking re-election to a fifth term in November, has said his bill has bipartisan support.

Earlier this summer, the state Department of Natural Resources reported between 900 and 950 wolves roamed the state last winter, and evidence indicated the population was stabilizing.

Decades of bounty hunting wiped out wolves in Wisconsin by the 1950s. But they have migrated back from Minnesota since they were put on the endangered species list in the 1970s.

Wolves were removed from the list in 2011 but legal challenges led them to be put back on in 2014.


The following graphic shows just how (un) responsible Wisconsin is on wolf management.

One thought on “Alert: The House Natural Resources Committee passed Duffy’s “Manage Our Wolves Act”

  1. Disgusting!! This is animal cruelty and a crime on wildlife in the 21st Century!! One day history will judge those trophy hunters and all agencies who supported senseless slaughter for the pure pleasure of killing! Shame on you America to allow this happening on public land, National Parks and wildlife refuges!


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