Last Hurrah

Oregon Dogs

Any trial in July can be iffy, and Ridgefield is like an oven when it gets hot. I was thinking it was getting so hot this afternoon … it was 77. Heh. Yeah, Summer trialing, it’s not for me. I wanted to do a last hurrah with the dogs before Summer break though, and we did have fun.

I am in sort of a funky place with all the dogs right now, we’re not necessarily working on anything new, but in a holding pattern. Haku needs ‘double qs’ in obedience, Bright needs ‘double qs’ in agility and Navarre just need to be a baby and grow up. So they’re all doing, well, what they have been doing. And there are things I COULD work on, like working precision with Haku’s obedience, attempting to fix Bright’s running contacts or taking Navarre to fun matches to reward in the ring for focus…

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